Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Configuring the Dell FX100 (zero client) to work with VMware View 4.5 and 4.6

Have you tried looking for documentation on the Dell FX100 zero client?  Sure there is some when connecting using the Dell Precision R5400 Rack Workstation, but what about connecting directly with VMware View.  The Dell Support site lacks this product when searching by name or even Service Tag number.  Without downloading the updated firmware, the Dell FX100 will not work with VMware View 4.5 or 4.6.

To get the latest firmware version, go to  Here you will find version 3.2.1 with a release date of 12/17/2010.  If you are using the FX100 with the R5400, keep your firmware at 3.1.2 on both the FX100 and R5400.  Also, Dell notes that “this firmware release can only be installed on PCoIP processors running firmware release 1.4 or greater.  Are they planning to integrate this into other products?

Unzipping the downloaded file gives you “tera1x00_rel3-2-1_v296. all” and “version.txt”.  Version text gives you the following information:
Title      : Video:USI FX100 Remote Access Portal Firmware
Version    : A11
OEM Name   : USI
OEM Ver    : 3.2.1
Computers  : Precision - R5400

To update the firmware on the DX100, you must first find the device on your network.  It is configured for DHCP.  A network scan will reveal the open ports of 80, 427, and 443.  The MAC address will be from Teradici (00:22:5B), not Dell.  Just https to the IP address to gain access to the portal.  Go to Info, Version to check the Firmware Version.  Now click Update, Firmware, then browse to select “tera1x00_rel3-2-1_v296. all” and Upload.

Once the unit has restarted, the remaining configuration is fairly simple.  Go to Configuration, Initial Setup.  Select your Audio, Network, and Session options then Apply changes.
  Go to Configuration, VMware View to enable View and add the IP address of the Connection Server.
The Dell FX100 zero client should now prompt you with the VMware View login screen.


  1. David, have you tried to connect FX-100 directly to Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS/TS) via RDP?

    Or RDP support is present only for VMware View?


  2. Yes, it will work with RDP to a Windows client.

    Since it only works on firmware prior to 3.3, upload Teridici firmare 3.2.2v306 ( to the FX-100 and reset the box. Disable VMware View on the FX-100 then go to Options, Session, put in the IP address of the Windows client. Be sure your firewall will allow port 3389.

    I tested this on both Windows XP and Windows 7 systems without any problems.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks a lot for your post. However I am trying to find the setup manual of R5400 with FX100. Do you know the setup instructions for this. I would be really grateful if you could share it.


  4. I have the latest firmware, how do you downgrade this? It says the older firmware file from the link or even on dell site is not valid.

    Does the latest 3.3 firmware not allow downgrades?

  5. Any one have a manual or has succeded in setting up Microphone and headset on the FX 100

  6. Hello, I am having Problems connecting to a Windows 8 VM using RDP. Connecting to a Windows XP VM using RDP works fine.
    Using Windows 8 or Server 2012 results in the error "connection lost" after a few seconds (in which the screen is black). Normally the login-window should come up in these seconds (that's the way with the XP-VM)...
    I suspect it could have to do with RDP-Versions or enhanced security profiles in the newest Windows?
    Can anybody help me out? :-)


  7. Same problem! did you ever figure this out?